Smart box disposable container for in vitro diagnostic

Safety Smart Box gas-tight screw joints ensure complete operators pro- tection to any liquid or vapor leakage. The stability of the container and specimen deposition are facilitated by the buffered non-toxic isotonic solution contained in the sample chamber.

Quality Smart Box containing buffered isotonic solution in the sample cham- ber avoids possible sample adhesion to the dry container walls. The buffered isotonic solution keeps the architectural and macromolecular structure of the tissue unaltered until the fixative-preservative is released.

Flexibility Smart BOX flexibility is assured by the availability of various formats containing different fixative-preservative.

Standardization Smart Box is easy to use and allows a rapid and complete flow of the fixative-preservative upon activation assuring that specimen is fully immersed in the reactive. Smart Box fluidic design inhibits fluid back-flow in the upper chamber. A large space is available for Smart Box labeling to guaran- tee the sample traceability.

Smart Box consists of two chambers connected by a junction element that physically separates the two volumes of the device once it is in the closed position.

The concentrated toxic fixative-preservative reactive is located in the Smart Box upper chamber (fig. 1).

Bios health diagnostics

The isotonic and non-toxic saline buffered solution is contained in the lower chamber

Bios health diagnostics

The specimen is deposi- ted by the sampling instrument in this solution which pro- tect it from dehydration and autolytic phenomena (fig.2).

The transfer of the fixative-preservative takes place with the simple rotation of the upper chamber, facilitated by the specific wings. Subsequently the upper chamber is returned by rotation to the closed position which inhibits the flow-back of the reagent in the upper chamber during transport (fig. 1 e fig.3).

Bios health diagnostics
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